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Last week at Preteen Camp 2, Charlie accepted Christ as her Savior! She said that after coming to Daniel Springs Camp, she now knows who God is, and wants to grow closer to him. She also wants to read every book in her Bible! Charlie said she learned last week that she should pray every night, and remember that God is in her life. 

Praise God for Charlie and her decision to follow Christ! Will you join us in praying for her, and for the many other students at Daniel Springs Camp this summer? 

Church camp is so much more than just fun. Though there is an abundance of fun, Daniel Springs Baptist Camp surrounds students in an environment of spiritual growth and discipleship. It’s a vital part of many young lives and a cherished memory of many more.

But this BMA camp legacy is in danger.

Daniel Springs is experiencing financial difficulties, and a line of credit has been established with a local bank. This financial strain is not a result of spending problems. Camp Director Jason Prewitt works on a very tight budget and makes the most of every single dollar.

Our problem is simply one of income. Daniel Springs maintains minimal registration fees so that churches of every size can afford to bring their children and youth to experience the impact of Daniel Springs. In the past, church offerings helped cover the gap that camp registrations did not cover. However, over the past few years, costs for Daniel Springs have increased, causing significant losses. If finances do not improve by the end of this summer, the camp trustees will be forced to make difficult decisions.

The children and youth of the BMA need Daniel Springs. It’s a crucial missions tool that has reached countless people for the kingdom of Christ. Additionally, Daniel Springs Camp has been used by God as a place where missionaries and pastors have surrendered to the ministry. These people are the Christian leaders of the current and future generation, and God used Daniel Springs to mold them.

Bryce, a 13 year old young man that attended the camp this summer, said that being at Daniel Springs has made him think differently about sharing the Word of God. Stormy, age 16, says that everyone at Daniel Springs helps her find out more about herself, as well as brings her closer to the Lord. Camryn, 11 years old, said that now that she has spent time at Daniel Springs, she wants to meet new people and develop a relationship with them, so that they can end up talking about God.

These are real, missional, discipleship opportunities that are happening every week at Daniel Springs. Lives are being changed as you are reading this story, but that may not be the case much longer if the financial strain continues. But there is hope! You and your church body are that hope.

Consider taking a group of students to camp this year. There’s still time to register! If you haven’t been to Daniel Springs lately, you’re in for a treat! Camp Director Jason Prewitt has worked diligently to create a camp that our churches can be proud of. Visit danielspringscamp.com for more information. You’ll be pleased with the personal staff of college students, coordinated programming, and upgraded facilities.

Another way to help Daniel Springs is to prayerfully consider how your church can support camp through regular giving. Over the years, church giving to the camp has declined. Yet the importance of camp ministry is at an all-time high. In a fast-paced, technology-driven world, students need a place to escape distractions and focus on Christ in a safe environment. For over fifty years, Daniel Springs has been that place for the BMA. Let’s make sure it remains for the next fifty years.

Current projections indicate that the camp will need at least $85,000 to finish the year in the black without any debt. That does not include any money for major improvements. The bottom line is, going forward, the ministry of Daniel Springs needs about $100,000 more income per year to operate and maintain the camp. Based on past giving, this is not an impossible goal.

It’s clear that we have a problem. Will you and your church be part of the solution? Support for the camp may be sent to Daniel Springs Camp, PO BOX 1749, Conway, AR 72033.

This story was posted by one of Daniel Springs’s first year counselors, Gracie McNeill. Read about how Daniel Springs changed her summer:

A few months ago, I was struggling to take a job because I knew it would take up my whole summer before senior year, so I prayed about it and God showed me that I needed to take this opportunity. So I did. I arrived at Daniel Springs Baptist Camp as a staffer the following week, and I was totally amazed at how dedicated to Christ the people were around me. I wanted to be like that! The first week of camp so many kids were moved by God it was so unforgettable. We just got done with week five, and I can honestly say that my life is truly changed forever. One of the kids in my Bible study group accepted Christ this week, and it really opened my eyes to what goes on here. When your boss pulls out a stack of decision cards for all the kids and adults who have accepted Christ just his week, you know you have the most rewarding job ever. I am truly blessed.