Daniel Springs

Every camper is assigned to a Bible class according to age. The classes meet five times throughout the camp week in our open-air tabernacles. This year’s classes will focus on the theme, “Do Something.” Here’s a short summary of what campers will be learning in each session:

Session 1

During session 1, we will see Jesus as a young boy at the temple. As we read this story, we will learn about why Jesus took the time to sit and listen to the teachers at the temple. He had a tremendous understanding that if he were going to serve and lead others, he first needed to soak up as much wisdom as he possibly could. In this session, students will be challenged to seek wisdom.


Session 2

In the second session, students will be reminded of the story of when Jesus healed a paralyzed man. Students will have an opportunity to reflect on their own abilities, gifts, and talents, and think of ways they can be used to serve others as Jesus did.


Session 3

Session three will cover one of the most familiar stories in the Bible, which was when Jesus fed the 5,000. What an extraordinary story of God’s power! Through reading and discussing this passage, students will be encouraged to think about how their acts of service toward others can inspire faith in Jesus.


Session 4

Session four will be unique! In this session, students will be directed to Romans 10:15, where they will learn about how God loves to see his children serving him. After this devotional, students will have the opportunity to practice what they have been learning by participating in an on-site service project. Students will be challenged to think of service projects in which they can participate in their own schools, communities, and churches.


Session 5

In the final session of the week, students will see how Jesus humbled himself and washed the disciples’ feet. Students will learn that the best leaders know how to serve, just as Jesus served his own followers. Students will take an inventory of their own lives and determine areas where service toward others is needed.


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