Daniel Springs


Emily Luck’s Daniel Springs Story

With a passion for children and for her Savior, Emily Luck served as a Daniel Springs Camp counselor in the summer of 2016 and, according to her, “working at camp is not just another summer job. It’s kingdom work, and there is truly nothing more rewarding.” 

Emily grew up in a Christian home, attending church her entire life and even making a profession of faith in second grade. But it wasn’t until several years later at GMA (Girls Missionary Auxiliary) Camp that she began questioning the heart change behind that decision. Then in February 2009 she truly gave her heart to the Father.

“At youth group one night, the speaker’s message and the entire night was centered on salvation, and I have never felt the Holy Spirit tugging at my heart so much. That night, I finally settled it all and made a true profession of faith, and my life has never been the same,” said Emily.

Now, with Christ as the focus of her life, she’s working to one day become a pediatric nurse and eventually work in a neonatal intensive care or pediatric oncology and hematology unit.

Emily grew up going to GMA camp every summer at Daniel Springs, so the camp has been an important part of her life since the summer after her kindergarten year. She attended as a camper from that time until she graduated high school. It wasn’t until the summer of 2015 that she heard about Daniel Springs’ need for college counselors, so during the following year God began working on her heart to apply to be a counselor.

“All the next year I felt the Lord really laying upon my heart to apply to work at Daniel Springs for the summer of 2016, and that was truly the best summer of my life,” she explained. “I am so thankful that the Lord placed camp ministry on my heart and allowed me the opportunity to work at Daniel Springs, where I thought I would be ministering to the campers, but the campers ended up ministering more to me than I could ever have begun to imagine.”

She went on to explain how she was initially nervous to lead campers in Bible study each week but that God helped her overcome that fear. In addition, she talked about her favorite Daniel Springs memory when, during an evening service, one of her students asked her to talk about salvation.

“After talking together,” she recalled, “he decided to make a profession of faith, and that was most definitely my favorite memory of camp because that is what it’s all about: seeing others come to know the Lord as their Savior.”

Not only was Emily’s life impacted by the students she served but also by the people she served alongside. She still keeps in contact with many of the friends she made at Daniel Springs.

“The friends I made at camp have truly changed my life,” she said. “I still talk to them on a regular basis, and they continue to encourage me in life and in my walk with the Lord. They are definitely friendships that will last a lifetime.”

She was also able to develop a much closer relationship with the Lord through attending Daniel Springs and being a counselor. With emphasis placed on personal quiet time with the Lord and encouragement to dive deeper into a relationship with him, Emily’s life is still different because of her summer there.

“Camp continues to impact my life every day, both in my walk with the Lord and with the friendships I made while I was at camp,” she explained.

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