Daniel Springs


First Palmer Helps Camp Survive

When First Baptist Church of Palmer, Texas received word that Daniel Springs Baptist Camp might have to close its doors, they generously donated funds, and now the camp is able to continue. Because of their kindness and generosity, along with that of several other donors, Daniel Springs will carry on and continue to change lives for Christ!

“One of the biggest factors of letting us know about the camp’s need was Scott’s article about how the camp is worth saving,” said Paul Gauntt, pastor of FBC Palmer. “I wrote another article expanding on this, because we really need the camp. It’s probably the greatest evangelical tool we have – thousands of people are saved there. It’s definitely worth saving.”

FBC Palmer began to seriously consider donating to the camp when one deacon, who wishes to remain anonymous, was given a large burden for the camp, and then spurred on the giving efforts in his church.

Brother Gauntt has a vested interest in the camp because his father, Eugene Gauntt, was the first full-time director of the camp. The deacon who headed up the effort to give, though, had only attended the camp one time in high school. Yet when he and Gauntt visited the camp to talk to Jason Prewitt, the director of Daniel Springs, he took notes and assessed the need for renovation projects. From this, he developed an interest in the camp.

“I didn’t prod this guy to launch out in to this,” said Pastor Gauntt. “He’s just very active and very resourceful. We have an extra fund in our church for projects like this, and when projects come along that are in need and are worthy, the church really doesn’t think twice about giving.”

FBC Palmer is hoping that they can do other things in the future to help ministries in need as well.

DiscipleGuide would like to thank FBC Palmer for their generosity to Daniel Springs, and their passion for continuing the important evangelistic work of the camp.

If you or your church are considering supporting Daniel Springs to continue its ministry and make essential improvements on the facility, visit https://danielspringscamp.com/give/.