Daniel Springs




Thank you for your support of Daniel Springs!

We currently need friends of the camp who will partner in ministry through monthly recurring gifts. To donate online, click the button below.




Gifts may also be sent via mail to:
Daniel Springs Gift
PO Box 1749
Conway, AR 72033

Please make checks to Daniel Springs and include “Gift” in the memo line.

Frequently asked questions:

Why does Daniel Springs need support?

Camp attendance has dropped over the past two years in spite of facility renovations and programming improvements. Giving from churches has also decreased over the past decade due to the economy.
The reduced income has necessitated the use of contingency funds. No funds have been mismanaged or spent on non-necessities. The problem lies with income, not expenditures.
Simultaneously, because of state regulations, updates were mandated for the camp water system and new, ongoing maintenance procedures have been employed at a greater expense than originally budgeted.

What will my money be spent on?


How much is needed?

Until attendance increases, Daniel Springs needs an increase of approximately $150,000 in annual donations.

Why doesn’t Daniel Springs just raise the registration fee?

We have begun to make a modest increase in the registration fee each year. However, if we were to increase the fee to the full amount needed to cover costs, the fee would increase from $140 to at least $230 per camper. Given the fact that we minister to children of hard working families in small churches, we believe that would be a mistake. Our goal is to offer a quality, Christ-centered camping experience at an affordable price for any church.

What efforts are being made to increase attendance?

Over the past three years, Daniel Springs has increased marketing efforts more than ever including website re-development, mail-outs to churches, and social media advertising.

Does the Camp have long-range facility plans?

We are currently working with camp design professionals to develop a master plan for the camp featuring new cabins, a retreat center, a zip line, and other upgrades. The master plan is designed to complement current and ongoing projects such as our new outdoor tabernacles and large tabernacle remodel.

What if I have more questions?

We are committed to transparency and integrity in finances. If you have additional questions, please feel free to call.